The official magazine for the 5th east forum in Berlin

The Common Future of Europe and the EAWU

Under its main topic “The future of European and Eurasian partnership: Rebuilding trust. Defining drivers. Overcoming barriers.”, the 5th east forum will take place on April 6th, 2017, in Berlin. This year’s conference will focus on current and future relations between the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union. EastContact, the official magazine for the 5th east forum, brings together the facts and shareholders.


Release date: 03.04.2017
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Editorial contents

EastContact – the official magazine for the 5th east forum in Berlin

From the table of contents EastContact 2017

Prof. Felbermayr, Director of the Ifo Center for International Economics: The Eurasian
Economic Union in a global perspective.

Dr Wolfgang Büchele, Chairman of the Board, The Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations:
New business opportunities through the economic area of Lisbon – Vladivostok

The EAEU: A customs union or more?
Within only a few years, the Eurasian Economic Union has achieved a lot – on paper,
at least. In reality, the organization faces many struggles. Its success in the harmonization
of customs duties and standards are not being reflected in increased trade
among the member states. Only a few foreign companies report noticeable changes.
However, their numbers are growing.
• Development of the EAEU in recent years in regards to customs, standards and
norms, as well as freedom of movement
• The new EAEU customs code: what is it good for? A practical contribution
• The EAWU is not a miniature EU. Key economic data, competences and structures
at a glance
• FAQ on the EAEU: What entrepreneurs need to know
• An inside view of the EAEU: eonomic relations and political tensions among the
member states.

From Lisboa to Vladivostok: Future model or utopia?
European business representatives promote heavily the closer cooperation between
the EU and EAEU. However, the European Union blocks: Too little the expected effects
and too big the differences towards a Russia-run EAEU.
• Vanity fair: political reasons against a common economic region
• Who wins? How scientific models assess the economic effects from Lisbon to

Digitalization and Connectivity
• The digital revolution: Innovation and connectivity for a common growth between
Lisbon and Vladivostok
• Interview (tbd): How digitalization can build bridges between East and West?

5 years east forum in restrospect
• from the first event in 2013 until now: highlights, developments, results


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  • 9,000 copies as a supplement to the April issue of OstContact
  • 5,500 copies at CEE events 2017 via multible chambers of commerce, embassies, seminar organisers and trade fairs in DACH region.

Additional event spread: At the east forum of the East Committee of the German Economy on April 6, 2017 in Berlin.

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