The bilateral trade between Germany and Bulgaria was comparatively dynamically from January to November 2013. However, imports from Bulgaria were solely responsiblewith an increase by a fifth to 2.5 billion euros. German exports to Bulgaria amounted to just over 2.4


There are more than 5,000 German invested companies in China. The German economy is well set-up in this country. According to Chinese sources German companies invested more than 1,45 billion US-Dollars in 2012. That are 23 percent of all European


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Approximately three-quarters of all companies in the Lower Silesian special economic zones are from Germany. Germany’s close economic integration with its Eastern neighbour had already become clear in previous years. Poland is the largest customer of products made in German


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Russia’s economy will recover only partially in the current year. The economists of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) forecast a rise of Russia’s gross domestic product (GDP) by only 2.5 percent in 2014. With Germany Russia exchanged


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Czech Republic

The German economy has a very positive image in Czechia. Aspects like goal-orientation or entrepreneurial thinking are highly recognized. Even though organisation and efficiancy is a little bit different compared to German standards the sense of responsibility of German investors


In recent years, Turkey showed a dynamic economic development with average growth rates of five percent per year. In the course of this positive development, the foreign investments in Turkey have risen strongly. Germany is the main trading partner of


Given the difficult economic situation in Ukraine, German exports have dropped by six percent from January to November 2013 to nearly five billion euros. In Ukraine, chemical products, machinery, and motor vehicles were the main import goods from Germany. It


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Further Countries

OWC regards not only the major players in the Eastern European and Asian economies. China, Russia, Poland and Turkey are known as strong partners of the German economy. But even the supposedly ‘small’ countries offer opportunities for German companies for