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Information brings success

The target regions of Central and Eastern Europe and Asia offer a wealth of opportunity for investors and exporters – even in difficult times. Many of these countries, including Russia, China and India, continue to enjoy an impressively high level of economic growth. In recent years, western European companies have profited from this dynamism and have concluded thousands of contracts to supply, as well as establishing subsidiary companies. And there’s no sign of the interest letting up. German, Austrian and Swiss companies are exploiting the business opportunities in these regions more than ever before.

Expert knowledge for foreign trade

It is precisely these markets that publishing house, OWC-Verlag für Außenwirtschaft GmbH, and its subsidiary company, IfAD-Institut für Außenwirtschaft GmbH, have in their sights. OWC and IfAD publications inform their readership of industry trends, legal frameworks, the involvement of foreign companies, investment opportunities, special regional factors, corporate strategies, infrastructure projects, personnel recruitment, financial options, trade fairs and exhibitions, questions on customs duty, trade restrictions, business delegations, opening an office and much more. By the practitioner, for the practitioner – that’s the claim the publisher seeks to uphold when selecting writers: entrepreneurs with their own business in the region, bankers, consultants, lawyers and representatives of industry associations and chambers of trade abroad.


OWC has been keeping readers up-to-date on the economic situation in Eastern and Central Europe for sixty years. It has published business magazines about China since 1993 and since then about India and Japan as well. The Institut für Außenwirtschaft in Düsseldorf, a 100%-owned subsidiary of OWC, publishes reference books and the sister magazine titles GermanyContact Russia, China and India in the respective national language. Journalists with many years’ experience in foreign trade work at OWC, as well as professional marketing, graphics and IT specialists, producing top quality print and online publications on which you can base your assessments and market decisions.


OWC is headquartered in Germany’s capital Berlin. OWC maintains offices in Beijing and Moscow and has correspondents in Vienna, Moscow, Warsaw, Kiev and Sofia.

Publishing programme

OWC publishes established print and online publications:

  • The German-language business magazines Ost-West-Contact (with the Ost-Ausschuss Informationen), ChinaContact, IranContact;
  • The information services Russland Aktuell, Ukraine Aktuell, Kasachstan Aktuell;
  • Economic yearbooks on Russia, China, Poland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Turkey;
  • Directories on Russia, China, Taiwan, Central and Eastern Europe;
  • The magazine series GermanyContact on Russia, China and each published in the national language;
  • The online business portals on China, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine;
  • Plus numerous reference books and special publications.

Communications and partnerships

Take advantage of OWC’s extensive contacts with companies and institutions that support business and the target group-specific distribution of OWC media to secure your business success through:

  • Advertisements and company profiles in the OWC publications;
  • Presentation in the OWC online business portals, banner advertisements;
  • Production and distribution of conference and image brochures;
  • Distribution of your company information via printed and online mailings;
  • Media partnerships for trade fairs and congresses.

We look forward to sharing our expertise with you!